Natalie is a sneak and a practical joker“. These words were written on Natalie’s high school transcript in the hopes that her past would interfere with her future. A sad and poorly compensated guidance counselor used these words in a vain attempt to seek revenge for the infamous “filling the school supply cabinet with ping pong balls” caper. Natalie only discovered these words while applying for an internship with a local radio station. This had the opposite of the intended effect, as the station management gave her a paid position straight away. She now receives a paycheck for her sense of humor, and has a little bit more celeb status than her former guidance counselor.

Natalie is available in-world.

Natalie outfit:
LeeZu! La pequena chaqueta yellow
LeeZu! Hors d’haleine Booties white
elymode Cyd’s Pants white



The magazine in the grocery store checkout line had an article about how to use makeup to de-emphasize a big nose. Barbara glanced at it briefly and the idea crossed her mind, but she didn’t have time for this. She had a cranky 4-year-old in tow and she wanted to hurry home. She paid for her items, put the change in the red Salvation Army kettle, and packed the little one in the minivan for the short trip home. After another perfect dinner they snuggled up on the sofa for some story time. As she tucked her little one into bed she was overwhelmed by the pure and innocent love , and the words in the magazine no longer mattered.

Barbara is available in-world.

Barbara outfit:
LeeZu! Lourdes sculpted top black
LeeZu! Lea Vivendi pants black




Awkward, check. Braces, check. Band geek, played the clarinet. Chess club, president. But a strange thing happened after 17. Braces gave way to perfect teeth, freckles became cool, and computer nerds got the good jobs. The geekly little 15 year old grew up and became a woman. Boys that used to knock books out of her hands are now too intimidated to ask her out. Danielle is above holding any grudges, but she doesn’t have to tell them that.

Danielle is available in-world.

Danielle outfit:
Maitreya Update Group Pumps
-AZUL- GroupGift1004



Michelle was probably a long distance runner in college. I don’t know for sure, but the long carved legs give a clue. She’s got an intensity in her gaze that might melt the average mortal, if you were unfortunate enough to get on her bad side. She’s probably not on Sir Mix A Lot’s speed dial, but I don’t think she’ll lose any sleep over that.

Michelle is available on the Marketplace, and in-world.

Michelle outfit:
Zaara Le femme turtleneck bordeaux
Zaara Larin Skirt ebony
Zaara Adira necklace claw gold
Zaara Patra gold bracelet amber
label mode TFG special earrings
Maitreya SoHo Boots PatentMix Black