My Lucky Hat!

It’s a terrible thing to lose your lucky hat. So when I finally found it again after 3 months, I just wanted to jump and dance. While holding my lucky hat in my hand.

For today only you can get the set of 8 poses for just $L100! Hat sold separately, just $L25.

You too can have a lucky hat. It’s not complicated.


Thomas is on his way to achieving the Great American Dream. He’s an up and coming Junior Advertising Executive working on a promotional campaign for those 8mm movie cameras everyone’s talking about. Being on the cutting edge of technology is an exciting life for a young ambitious man.

Thomas is proud that his new suburban home has both an AM radio AND a television. And as if that’s not entertainment enough, he often hops in his new car and cruises down to the drive-in to catch the latest movie. Thomas has got it all – well, he’s got everything but that special lady in his life. One he can dote on and buy pretty things for, a gal that knows how to mix a martini and keep up on the laundry. But Thomas is positive she’s just around the next corner. Or on the next block. Maybe down the road. Because everyone knows if you work hard and keep your nose clean, you’ll get everything you want and live happily ever after.

“All you have to do is turn the dial and you have all the company you want. Right there on the screen. Drama, comedy, life’s parade at your fingertips.” — 1955 movie, “All That Heaven Allows”

Thomas is available in-world

Thomas wears:
Shirt: Hell Bop “Bill – Polo Shirt Olive”
Pants Artilleri “Bret pants *brown*”
Shoes: Jeepers “Scratch – Sand”


Zephyr knows the difference between gale forces and subtle winds, but prefers to leave you in a whirl.  A force of nature, she can wear away stone as easily as she nudges a flower to face the sun.  A busy woman, Zephyr never stops moving, and enjoys traveling around the world. It is said that one whispered word, carried on Zephyr’s breath, is enough to sustain a strong man through a day and a night.

Zephyr knows her name quite well, and wishes to have a word with this snip of a breeze called “Mariah” she’s heard mentioned.

Let Zephyr only breathe, and with her tresses play – William Drummond

Zephyr is available in-world.

Zephyr outfit:
pants: [LeeZu!] Florentine High Heel Pants /pink
top: [LeeZu!] Arabesque Blouse /pink
necklace: ::MOOD:: Celestial in Platinum Collar
earring: ::MOOD:: Vengeance Glam Earring – Silver