Pose Fair 2013

Pose Fair 2013! It’s returning next year! 2012 was our first chance to participate in this fun event, and sadly it was Katey’s last, as she announced that after 3 years she was ready to move on to other things. Today we learn that she is passing the torch to RubyStarlight Writer, who will organize a brand new Pose Fair with a few minor changes. What these changes are is unknown at this time, but as successful as Pose Fair has been in the past, let’s hope it continues to get better!

Photo Hands for pale skins!

Photo Hands are a set of sculpted hands designed to upgrade your SL photography by replacing the ugly system hands, and opening up new opportunities for stunning model photography.

The Photo Hands package consists of two sets of hands, each set having a separate hud and 5 hand poses each. Simply attach the left and right hands, the hud, and wear (or add) the alpha texture. It will take some time to load fully the first time, so patience is a virtue.

Once all textures and sculpts are loaded, you will see the HUD attach to the upper left of your screen.

The graphic shows the controls and operation of the HUD. Here’s a more detailed description of each of the 7 control areas of the HUD:

1 – Hand AO Switch. When this is active (green) the hands will automatically switch between poses every 30 seconds. The time to switch hand poses can be changed by saying the number of seconds on channel 101 (if you want to change hand poses every 60 seconds for example, type “/101 60” without the quotes).

2 – Hide/Show. The hud does take up some screen space, so if you want to get it back just click the little minus sign to hide the hud. Click it again to make the HUD visible again. Once you have your hands set up the way you want, you can also detach the hud if you want.

3 – Nail Polish Colors. Click the color you want your nails to be.

4 – Natural Nail Colors. Same as above, only different.

5 – Basic Hand Skin Color: currently there are only 5 basic skin tones available for the Photo Hands (more will be coming soon). You should choose the skin tone that is closest to your skin. If you need to adjust it a little darker, you can do so with the color panel in the center of the HUD.

6 – Skin Adjustment Color. With this color picker, you can darken or add a tint to your skin (you can’t make your skin lighter with this control). To pick a color, click on the color panel on the HUD. The black circle will indicate where you’ve clicked, and the chosen color will fill the box at the bottom. When you have the color you want, click ‘apply’ and it will be applied to the hands.

7 – Hand Pose. With this, you can control the left and right hand pose separately. Simply click on the hand pose that you want to use.

This set of hands has been specially designed to work with these popular skins:  Adam n Eve moonkissed (or cool) tone, Belleza fair, Belleza pale, LeeZu Nikita pale, and LAQ milky.

As we all know, nothing is perfect. Especially SL! Seams between the avatar and the hands are almost unaviodable. WIth a good skin match, perfect sizing, and the proper lighting, you might be able to hide it pretty well. For those times when perfection does not happen, we’ve included some bangles that are really good for hiding seams. These bangles attach to the forearm by default. If you choose to use your own bangles and they attach somewhere else, you should first make a copy of your bangles and then attach to the forearm. Another excellent way to hide seams is to wear sculpted/mesh long sleeves.

Photo Hands from Fluke are available now at the Fluke main store, and on the marketplace.  There is a free demo so you can try them out, risk free.

If you have any question, feel free to message GM Nikolaidis, or email me at gm.nikolaidis@gmail.com