About Fluke

Fluke specializes in shapes and poses for Second Life. Additional components (skin, hair, eyes, etc) need to be purchased separately. The reason: there is a very diverse and talented group of creators within SL, and typically one company cannot possibly produce the best content in each category.

We’ve searched and found the best from several creators to create each unique look that you see on this website. When you purchase a shape from us, you will receive information on how to get the other avatar components.

Fluke shapes are not for everyone. In fact, if we don’t get much business we’re totally fine with that. We hope that when you purchase a shape from Fluke, you are the only one in your town that has one. And even if you’re not, our shapes are modifiable to give you even more individuality.

We don’t have anything against “Barbies” in Second Life. Really, we don’t. But when roughly half of the avatars you encounter begin to look like clones, we think it’s time for a change. If every word on a page is bold, then none of them are bold. Get it?

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