Heart of Stone

Sometimes the world gives you lemons. You go make lemonade, just like they all say. Other times, the world just beats you down and when you get back up, it beats you down again. Sometimes it seems beneficial to stay down and avoid the beating.

The pose used in this image comes from the Fluke “Floor Play” package, #4. The feet are SLink mesh feet from Siddean Munro, and are awesome. I won’t bother to tell you what skin this is, since it was Photoshopped beyond recognition.

Pose Fair 2013

Pose Fair 2013! It’s returning next year! 2012 was our first chance to participate in this fun event, and sadly it was Katey’s last, as she announced that after 3 years she was ready to move on to other things. Today we learn that she is passing the torch to RubyStarlight Writer, who will organize a brand new Pose Fair with a few minor changes. What these changes are is unknown at this time, but as successful as Pose Fair has been in the past, let’s hope it continues to get better!