The Froobatta Tree

An apple a day
keeps the doctor away,
And a big plump red cherry
Makes a body hale and merry

But what good is the use
of lots of grape juice,
If your mind is all stressed
You still won’t be your best!

But I bring good news
So stop singing the blues,
When your brains in a spin
And you can’t manage a grin…

Just find a Froobatta tree!
It’ll suit you to a tee!
It’s fruit has a glow
Eat it up and you’ll know

You’ll feel a strange soothing
Your mind easing, thoughts smoothing,
All worries and cares
Just roll down the stairs.

See, doctors won’t say this
They think ignorance is bliss.
But the truth is a lotta
Mental health comes from Froobatta!

When your brain’s had its fill
And feels wonderous, not ill,
Relax against that spotty tree trunk
There’s no chance at all you’ll feel in a funk.

by Ceejay Writer

The Froobatta Tree, from Fluke, comes with enough poses for you to gather your bestest friends on the tree. Not all of them, of course, we’re just talking the inner circle of friends. The ones still love you even though they know your deepest secrets.

The Froobatta Tree is available for a limited time at The Retreat (at a discounted price) before being turned loose in the Fluke main store.