Lean On Me

‘Lean On Me’ is the latest fun pose from Fluke. Perfect for proving to the world that your angelic little sister is in reality a little smirking bratling. You love her anyway, so get to Fluke and try this out :)


Zephyr knows the difference between gale forces and subtle winds, but prefers to leave you in a whirl.  A force of nature, she can wear away stone as easily as she nudges a flower to face the sun.  A busy woman, Zephyr never stops moving, and enjoys traveling around the world. It is said that one whispered word, carried on Zephyr’s breath, is enough to sustain a strong man through a day and a night.

Zephyr knows her name quite well, and wishes to have a word with this snip of a breeze called “Mariah” she’s heard mentioned.

Let Zephyr only breathe, and with her tresses play – William Drummond

Zephyr is available in-world.

Zephyr outfit:
pants: [LeeZu!] Florentine High Heel Pants /pink
top: [LeeZu!] Arabesque Blouse /pink
necklace: ::MOOD:: Celestial in Platinum Collar
earring: ::MOOD:: Vengeance Glam Earring – Silver


Allison is the girl next door. A friend to everyone, and is usually available to babysit on weekends with short notice. She doesn’t even mind so much, as she finds the company of a good book to be more satisfying than most of the men she encounters. And she will know when the right man comes along – he will likely be carrying a well used book.

Allison is available in-world.

Allison outfit:
pants: Ayla’s – Inkie jeans – light
top: Zaara : Kavi top *charcoal*
jewelry: ::MOOD:: Soho Ebony Ensemble
shoes: Indyra Originals Egoista Platform Heels: Black

Jia Li

Diminutive in size, but not in spirit. Jia Li is a creative soul that can weave a tapestry of words much like a painter weaves oil on canvas. She was once stopped for speeding, but after telling the officer how she was late for a lunch date with her mom; a touching story of her lonely mother and her 11 cats, the officer not only gave her a warning but gave her an escort to the restaurant.

Jia Li is available in-world.

Jia Li outfit:
LeeZu! Araplain Blouse turquoise
LeeZu! BellyBelt Pant satin black
Bax Prestige Boots black leather


Mila is a mystery. Her dark hair and dark eyes won’t give away any secrets, but we can guess from some facial features that she’s from somewhere around eastern Europe. An American woman might be tempted to consider rhinoplasty if blessed with this nose, but Milo knows that beauty is not something you can quantify. Fernando Pessoa had it right when he wrote:

Has a flower somehow beauty? Is there beauty somehow in a fruit?
No: they have colour and form and existence only. Beauty is the name of something that does not exist, which I give to things in exchange for the pleasure they give me.

Mila is available in-world.

Mila outfit:
LeeZu! Nottingham Pants
LeeZu! Lourdes top
Decoy Jully Boots Onyx
LeeZu! LalALa Bracelet /leo



A tough and successful attorney by day and a man killer by night. Sabella leaves defense attorneys speechless, and when evening comes around she can be found at the club in her little red dress, leaving even more men speechless. She’s a more mature figure but doesn’t let age slow her down in the least. Thrice weekly workout sessions with her kickboxing coach make sure her legs can take care of business.

Sabella is available in-world.

Sabella outfit:
WoE Ruched Dress (ruby)
LeeZu! Hors d’haleine shoes red
La Forgia Delicate Drop Earrings, Necklace