Natalie is a sneak and a practical joker“. These words were written on Natalie’s high school transcript in the hopes that her past would interfere with her future. A sad and poorly compensated guidance counselor used these words in a vain attempt to seek revenge for the infamous “filling the school supply cabinet with ping pong balls” caper. Natalie only discovered these words while applying for an internship with a local radio station. This had the opposite of the intended effect, as the station management gave her a paid position straight away. She now receives a paycheck for her sense of humor, and has a little bit more celeb status than her former guidance counselor.

Natalie is available in-world.

Natalie outfit:
LeeZu! La pequena chaqueta yellow
LeeZu! Hors d’haleine Booties white
elymode Cyd’s Pants white