A tough and successful attorney by day and a man killer by night. Sabella leaves defense attorneys speechless, and when evening comes around she can be found at the club in her little red dress, leaving even more men speechless. She’s a more mature figure but doesn’t let age slow her down in the least. Thrice weekly workout sessions with her kickboxing coach make sure her legs can take care of business.

Sabella is available in-world.

Sabella outfit:
WoE Ruched Dress (ruby)
LeeZu! Hors d’haleine shoes red
La Forgia Delicate Drop Earrings, Necklace



Michelle was probably a long distance runner in college. I don’t know for sure, but the long carved legs give a clue. She’s got an intensity in her gaze that might melt the average mortal, if you were unfortunate enough to get on her bad side. She’s probably not on Sir Mix A Lot’s speed dial, but I don’t think she’ll lose any sleep over that.

Michelle is available on the Marketplace, and in-world.

Michelle outfit:
Zaara Le femme turtleneck bordeaux
Zaara Larin Skirt ebony
Zaara Adira necklace claw gold
Zaara Patra gold bracelet amber
label mode TFG special earrings
Maitreya SoHo Boots PatentMix Black