Jia Li

Diminutive in size, but not in spirit. Jia Li is a creative soul that can weave a tapestry of words much like a painter weaves oil on canvas. She was once stopped for speeding, but after telling the officer how she was late for a lunch date with her mom; a touching story of her lonely mother and her 11 cats, the officer not only gave her a warning but gave her an escort to the restaurant.

Jia Li is available in-world.

Jia Li outfit:
LeeZu! Araplain Blouse turquoise
LeeZu! BellyBelt Pant satin black
Bax Prestige Boots black leather



Haruka is the Japanese girl-next-door. She won’t shake the floor when she walks by. In fact, she’ll most likely glide by silently without you even noticing. However, she will slowly and gradually win you over with her subtlety and charm.

Available on the Marketplace, and in-world.

Haruka outfit:
LeeZu! Tate /pink