Allison is the girl next door. A friend to everyone, and is usually available to babysit on weekends with short notice. She doesn’t even mind so much, as she finds the company of a good book to be more satisfying than most of the men she encounters. And she will know when the right man comes along – he will likely be carrying a well used book.

Allison is available in-world.

Allison outfit:
pants: Ayla’s – Inkie jeans – light
top: Zaara : Kavi top *charcoal*
jewelry: ::MOOD:: Soho Ebony Ensemble
shoes: Indyra Originals Egoista Platform Heels: Black

Jia Li

Diminutive in size, but not in spirit. Jia Li is a creative soul that can weave a tapestry of words much like a painter weaves oil on canvas. She was once stopped for speeding, but after telling the officer how she was late for a lunch date with her mom; a touching story of her lonely mother and her 11 cats, the officer not only gave her a warning but gave her an escort to the restaurant.

Jia Li is available in-world.

Jia Li outfit:
LeeZu! Araplain Blouse turquoise
LeeZu! BellyBelt Pant satin black
Bax Prestige Boots black leather



Eve is an unconventional beauty. Slim and model-esque, but with a touch of goth in the skin tone if you choose the recommended skin. However, Eve has been tried with a variety of skins and looks great wearing Tuli, Belleza, and several other top brands.

Eve is available on the Marketplace and in-world.

Eve outfit:
elymode Cyd’s Long Sleeve Top white
LeeZu! Jeanne van Dark air
LeeZu! Maria Tights beige