Hey guys, RL is happening over here in a big way. My new full time job is going to take a bigger slice of my time than I had anticipated. What this means for you is ….


I’m cutting all prices way down!

Individual poses – 10L
Pose sets – 70L
Couples poses – 25L
Pose objects – 25L
Shapes – 25L
Pose Hands – 50L

The in-world shop will close it’s doors sometime next month, so be sure to put on your shopping hat soon!

<3 Fluke Team

Pose Fair 2013

Pose Fair 2013! It’s returning next year! 2012 was our first chance to participate in this fun event, and sadly it was Katey’s last, as she announced that after 3 years she was ready to move on to other things. Today we learn that she is passing the torch to RubyStarlight Writer, who will organize a brand new Pose Fair with a few minor changes. What these changes are is unknown at this time, but as successful as Pose Fair has been in the past, let’s hope it continues to get better!

Introducing Fluid!

Fluke is happy to be in the first rotation with a bunch of creative and talented people. My entry for the first rotation of Fluid is this dunking booth, with synced poses (including props and sounds).

Fluid is a recurring bi-weekly, themed event in Second Life directed to those of us who love poses, animations, props and furniture; creators and consumers alike. Fluid will showcase the talents of 12 pose, animation, prop and furniture makers during the course of these two weeks. Each 2 week period will be considered a rotation.

Each rotation will consist of an over-arching theme, which will be dissected into four sub category themes. Designers will choose from one of the four sub-themes. This will result in there being 3 designers in each of the 4 sub-categories.

Fluid’s first rotation begins June 15, 2012 (theme: Summer Fun) and runs through June 30, 2012. Theme and designer specifics for the first rotation are below. You can find more information about Fluid at The Ego Co. blog.

Can You Say "Fluke"?

The Logo Remains The Same

Dear Valued Group Members,

Our team of moderately skilled and highly paid lawyers have advised us that to avoid a potential lawsuit we will need to change our brand name. “Free*Style(tm)” is a brand owned by Creamy Cooljoke and has been in existence since 2007.

While researching the brand name “Freestyle(tm)” within Second Life(tm), our crack team of researchers turned up no similar brands. I asked our lawyers if we could then sue Linden Labs(tm) dba “Second Life(tm)” for a faulty search tool, but they advised against that as none of them actually has a license to practice law. We simply hired them because they could quote every episode of Ally McBeal. Bygones.

At any rate, the store formerly known as “Freestyle Shapes & Poses” will now be known as “Fluke”. Please join the new group. The old one will be disbanded later today, and I hate the rude message people get when being ejected from a group. I also fear the potential lawsuits from former members who were hurt by the mean text.

GM Nikolaidis & Barbara Nicholls